PMS and fluid retention

08:17 21 August in Health

Premenstrual water retention leading to short term weight gain is a common side effect of the menstrual cycle in pretty much most women in Ireland. This type of fluid retention can cause several things, such as swelling or enlargement of the breasts, abdomen, ankles, and...

Fit to be fat?

10:33 20 August in Health, Uncategorized

Centuries ago, being overweight or fat, was a sign of opulence, wealth and social standing. The larger your waistline, the wealthier you became. As you could afford to eat so much food, you were showing just how much wealth you had! By looking through history...

Flying fit

10:29 20 August in Health, Members

It is around this time of year that so many people are going away on their holidays, having been working hard to get in shape over the past few weeks so that they look good on the beach!  So today, I am going to bring...