Pre-holiday preparation

Pre-holiday preparation

10:32 21 August in Exercise Info, Training

It’s summer and that up and coming holiday is getting nearer and nearer, that bikini is sitting on your bed and you’re beginning to panic as you are running out of time to get ready! Well fear not, in this article, I am going to go through your top problem areas and show you how to make dramatic changes in just two weeks. So no matter how late you have left it, there is always something you can do to feel better on the beach, look better on the beach and give you that confidence boost that you always wanted. No matter what anyone or any machine tells you, you can’t spot reduce one area of the body or one body part. But these tips will make a huge difference to your training over the coming weeks. Simply add the exercises into your routine and make the changes to your lifestyle. The rest will come faster than you expected.


No matter what exercises you do, your food has to be good. If not then you are wasting your time with your training. By good, I mean no white carbs, no fizzy drinks, no chocolate, no alcohol and sugary foods in your diet. I want lots of water, fruit, brown carbs, protein based foods and herbal teas.  Want a quick fix diet for this year, that’s it! Those foods are the basis for most diets on the market. From Paleo to Atkins, Montignac to Dukan, the diets all contain different variants of the above foods in different mixes. More often than not there are phases, with a high protein diet initially and then the carbs are reintroduced over a few weeks. But save yourself the money and the hassle of reading the books and stick to the above foods for fantastic results before your holiday that will get you in fantastic shape quickly.


Now let’s take a look at those annoying body parts that are going to need to change to get into the bikini. Remember you can’t spot reduce but by adding these into your training plan you will see a great improvement, in no time at all.

Firstly, and the most important of all, your waist! More than any other body part, your waist is totally related to your food intake. Eat starchy carb foods and you will get the pregnant stomach syndrome, where you have to loosen your belt a few notches. Once your food is good, then add some simple exercises into the mix:

A bridge/side bridge combination will get all the muscles of your waist working evenly! For your bridge, simply place your elbows on the floor, feet on the floor and raise your back off the ground. Hold in this position for as long as you can, pulling your bellybutton towards your spine. Now switch into a side bridge, where you rotate onto one elbow on your right side, hold for as long as you can then switch sides. These simple combinations will work wonders for you, but remember, stick to the foods above for the best results.

Next up is the area affecting more and more women in their twenties – soft triceps at the back of your arms. This is where your body stores toxins, resulting in soft tissue that hangs when the arms are outstretched. To improve the arms you need to improve the muscle tone that lies under the skin and reduce the fat. Again diet here is essential, helping to reduce the fat that the body takes in.

Now for two simple exercises, firstly the tricep dips: Sit on a bench/chair, feet out in front, hands by your hips. Now bend the arms, lowering the bum towards the floor and straighten the arms out. Now combine these with a close grip press up. Sounds scary, but here is a tip, do the press ups against a wall. Bring your thumbs and index fingers together, creating a triangle between your hands. Just bend the arms, lowering the body towards the wall, and lock the arms back out. Try 30 reps for both of these exercises, the higher reps will make the muscles work that little but harder.

Now for an area that is so often neglected, the inside of the legs. Soft tissue and soft muscle, results in soft legs; never a good look for the bikini!  Add this exercise in – the wide foot squat! Place the feet wide apart, the feet angled out to the right and the left. Place your hands out in front, now squat down and hold. This is your starting position. From there just pulse your bum around 3 inches to the floor, keep the reps high, 3 sets of 30. Yes it’s going to hurt but a little bit of sweet pain is always good!

The top three areas for bikini bodies that need to be worked and the simplest most effective food plan that there is, all your need to get in shape! Now all you need to do is get out there and do it!!


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