The A-Z of burning more calories

The A-Z of burning more calories

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Aerobic is key:  Don’t leave out your aerobic workouts. Sessions such as running, walking and swimming are all examples of this.  It is a key way of getting fitter, slimmer and burn more calories.

Box:  If you haven’t tried boxing, then get your gloves on! Boxing is a serious workout that will burn fat and help to give you serious shape on your arms.

Cut the carbs before your workout:  To increase the amount of fat you burn during your session, simply eat a protein only meal beforehand.

Day off:  Don’t forget to take at least one rest day per week to allow the body to recover.  When the body is rested you can train harder and you will burn more calories naturally.

Endurance: For certain body types long endurance work can increase your metabolism and fat burning better than any other form of exercise. Different bodies react differently so try different ways to see what works best for you.

Flexibility:  Don’t forget to add in your flexibility work. A body that is flexible is less prone to injury, meaning that you will train year round without injury.

Green tea:  Research has proven that green tea can help you to burn more calories and more fat during the day. Aim for two to three cups per day.

Hydrate: Drinking fluid during the day, ideally water, will ensure that you aren’t dehydrated. Sometimes hunger can be confused with thirst, especially if you are dehydrated.

Intervals: This is one of the key components of burning calories and burning fat. Simply pick two speeds, one fast and one slow. As you get fitter increase the fast one and decrease the slow one.

Juices:  While you may think that you are being healthy drinking juices, the super high sugar content will do you more harm than good. Unless the juices are freshly squeezed yourself you shouldn’t be having them.

Keep it real:  No matter what ad you see with the new quick fix solution, remember there is no easy way to lose weight or change your body. I have been around the industry a long time and have yet to find one.

Legs:  Your legs are the power house of your body, so don’t leave them out of your workout. Squats and lunges are simple exercises that will give you strong and lean legs.

Meat:  Eating plenty of protein in your diet is a key way to improve your muscle mass on your body, increasing the amount of calories you burn. Meat, fish and eggs are great examples of this. Aim for at least 1.5g per kg of bodyweight.

Nutrition:  Your diet is at least 60% of the results that you get. All the training in the world won’t compensate for a bad diet!

Operation Transformation:  The website for the show is and this stays live all year round, providing you with free workouts and recipes to get you fit and healthy.

Porridge:  By getting a slow release carbohydrate into your body in the morning, you will stay fuller for longer, have more energy and raise your metabolism.  Breakfast is the one meal you can’t afford to skip!

Quality not quantity:  To get the most from your workout and burn the most calories you should focus on the quality of the sessions. Three quality sessions a week are a lot more beneficial than five low quality sessions.

Resistance is key:  Resistance workouts, such as weights, help to increase the amount of muscle on your body, helping you to burn more calories naturally during the day.

Spice it up: Add chilli and spices to your meals to burn more calories. The spicier the dish, the more calories you will burn digesting that meal and they can also help with your metabolism.

Time:  You shouldn’t be spending any longer than an hour in the gym. Aim to get your workout and cool-down done within this time, as any longer and you are reducing the quality of your session.

Vary your sessions:  Your body is an amazing machine that adapts to the stress placed upon it. So by changing your workouts as often as possible, you are ensuring that you help it change fast. Mix it up as much as you can and watch the results.

Water:  If your body is achy or injured, then get into the pool or the sea for your sessions. Swimming or running the water is a great way to get active and burn calories without the joint impact that might be causing the pain.

X-train:  By X-training you mix up your workouts, doing different sessions to ensure your body isn’t overtraining and ensuring you work different muscle groups.

Yes you can:  Set your goals, work towards them and just look at what you can achieve.

Zumba: If you find exercise is a little boring then maybe Zumba is the exercise for you. It’s a fun group activity to get you fit and active and will help you to burn lots of calories in the process. No matter what exercise you choose it’s essential that you make it fun.

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