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Banish cellulite

10:57 21 August in Uncategorized by Karl Henry

One of the most popular gimmicks on the market is creams that will help to rid you of the bane of all women - cellulite. Some claim they break down cellulite to release the toxins it contains and others claim to increase circulation to carry...

No more excuses

10:55 21 August in Uncategorized by Karl Henry

There are so many excuses that stop people from exercising.  Believe me I have heard them all over the years, you name it and I have heard it!  I really believe that if you make up your mind to do something and promise yourself and...

The A-Z of burning more calories

10:47 21 August in Uncategorized by Karl Henry

Aerobic is key:  Don’t leave out your aerobic workouts. Sessions such as running, walking and swimming are all examples of this.  It is a key way of getting fitter, slimmer and burn more calories. Box:  If you haven’t tried boxing, then get your gloves on! Boxing...

Family fitness

10:34 21 August in Uncategorized by Karl Henry

As I was surfing in West Cork recently, on a glorious Saturday morning, it was great to see so many families out on the beach and in the water, being active and healthy and having fun. Scenes like that are so great to watch as...

Tips for surviving Lent

10:22 21 August in Uncategorized by Karl Henry

Lent. It’s that time of year when you give decide to give up whatever it is that you want to try change over that period. Just like New Year’s resolutions the beginning is always the easy part. So today I thought I would bring you...

Beat the middle-age spread

10:21 21 August in Uncategorized by Karl Henry

Middle-age spread - the most common weight related problem experienced by men and women in their thirties! Your food is the same as always, your exercise routine hasn’t changed, yet all of a sudden you have developed this lip of loose skin that flows over...