Wellness Coaching

The aim for anyone aiming to improve their health is to be well. This type of coaching consists of analysis of your current situation.

Looking at the different aspects of wellness across sleep, movement, food, lifestyle, stress management and how you can improve them.

After analysis, I then place simple goals for you to improve the areas that you need to, putting a timeframe on those goals over 4 weeks and reassessing at the end of that 4 week timeframe. This coaching is for those who find they are motivated but need some assistance and help along with accountability.

Cost is €250 for:

  • The initial meeting via Zoom / Facetime
  • The start meeting via Zoom / Facetime
  • Analysis
  • Homework PDF
  • Exclusive member’s area access
  • Weekly accountability for your goals via email for 4 weeks
  • Future Proofing meeting at the end of the 4 weeks